Get Well Soon Flowers

Rose Day is celebrated around the world on September 22nd to give hope to cancer patients that cancer is curable. This day is dedicated to all those fighting cancer all over the world.

Rose Day is celebrated in memory of a twelve year old Melinda Rose – who was diagnosed with a rare form of Blood Cancer. Her doctors gave only a few weeks to live, but she lived for six months and made her life meaningful by giving hope to many other cancer patients and their caregivers with her letters, poems and emails.

Cancer awareness

June Flower India, the best online florist in Bangalore, to create awareness for cancer and to give hope to the cancer patients, survivors and their care takers, visited Healthcare Global Hospital in Bangalore and offered 40 rose flower bouquets to the cancer patients on the 21st September 2019 for the world rose day.

Giving Hope to Cancer Survivors with JuneFlowers

Giving Hope to Cancer Survivors

Giving Hope to Cancer Patients

World Rose Day

Cancer centers across the globe observe 22nd September as world rose day to bring cheer and livelihood to cancer patients and survivors.

Supporting society which is a part of our business, this year on September 21st June Flowers India, for the world rose day gave cheerful get well soon flowers to cancer patients and to give hope to cancer survivors at the Healthcare Global Hospitals.

  • June Flowers India decorated the hospital entrance – cancer logo with flower arrangement with a height of 3 feet which can give a fantastic mood bloom to the cancer patients and survivors in the hospital and which was a perfect gift for the cancer patients on the whole.

To give hope to cancer survivors

As an initiative to give hope to cancer survivors June Flowers India spent a full day quality time with the cancer patients and survivors and gave cancer patient gift.

During the visit June flowers addressed the physical, mental, financial and emotional situations faced by the cancer patients and them a hope that they have people to support them in their struggle.


Rose – the queen of flowers not only means love but also means care and concern.

Our love and concern towards the cancer survivors was shown by way of giving perfect gifts.

Hope to cancer sufferers

As a message to give hope, June Flowers India would like to let the cancer fighters know that if you have spirit to fight you can win cancer and live, the example – Melinda Rose.

With our get well soon cancer flowers we assure our support to cancer sufferers as a way of concern and care to them.